Fort Lauderdale, Florida – It’s a somber day across South Florida today, and the state mourns a local mogul and car legend. Rick Case of Rick Case Automotive group has passed away at the age of 77. Rick had been battling a form of aggressive cancer.

Rick Case, the CEO of Rick Case Automotive Group passed away quietly among his family in his residence. He was surrounded by his loved ones a spokesperson for the family said.

Originally from Akron Ohio, Case was known for being a pioneer in the Auto Dealership realm. This is the groups 59th year in business. The group holds some 16 dealerships across Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. The company will continue to thrive under the leadership of his late wife, Rita Case, and children Ryan and Raquel, who have active leadership roles in the company.

In a statement from Rita she said, “Rick had the most amazing mind for problem-solving,

He set his goals so high, most could not dream that big. His work ethic and passion to succeed was very intense and always had me chasing to keep up. He always treated me as his equal and allowed me to share in his spotlight of success. Let there be no doubt, Rick created, built, and operated his company with a single passion to be the biggest and best. I will miss him so much; he was truly one of a kind and always so positive. I’m so proud of him and thankful to have shared 40 years with such a special, caring, and supportive husband.”

Rita Case, Case Automotive Group

Memorial donations may be made in his honor supporting the Rick Case Educational Scholarship Fund, which benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County. Contact Kerry Becker at [email protected].

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