Fort Lauderdale, Florida – In a announcement this week, Governor DeSantis removed all restrictions from South Florida Restaurants. DeSantis is a Republican in Florida, whose decisions unleashed a round of fresh debates in the state which is currently politically divided.

Broward and Miami just reached Phase 2 re-openings earlier this month. The Governor’s announcement made officials in these counties left to figure out the impact of a phase 3 re-opening so soon.

A small group appealed to the Mayor to do something to still control the outbreak in Broward County.

“We’re hoping that the governor will allow us to have deeper restrictions than the rest of the state. We have a greater spread of the virus in South Florida than other parts of the state,” – Governor Dale Holness

DeSantis who is an ally of President Trump, acknowledged that the pandemic was far from over, or from being fully controlled.

“We’re not closing anything going forward,” DeSantis said, while insisting that the state is prepared if infections increase again.

The governor, however, allowed local governments to limit bars to 50% capacity, but added that he was “not going to stand in the way” of allowing them to fully reopen.

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