Ft Lauderdale, Florida – Surviving a June 7th car crash in Wellington, Memphis Rose Hamman is one brave, strong little girl. Memphis was riding with her great uncle Kenneth Graden and grandmother that day, both seniors. Memphis’ great uncle was killed in the accident, grandmother was hospitalized, and Memphis Rose was left completely paralyzed from the neck down. The car that struck their vehicle crossed a median and hit the vehicle they were riding in head on.

The little girl is set to begin a long road to recovery, but Memphis Rose will not be alone. She will gain the companionship of a service pup name Juliet. Several south florida organizations including Chasin’ A Dream Foundation, teamed up together to provide Memphis with the service puppy.

memphis rose hamman
Memphis Rose meets Juliet for the first time. The puppy will soon assist her in her recovery and provide her with help such as turning on lights, and picking up objects.

While Memphis Rose Hamman focuses on her recovery the next few weeks, Juliet the puppy will spend the next year in service dog bootcamp. Juliet will eventually help Memphis Rose with such tasks as picking up things she drops, open doors, and turn light switches off and on.

Memphis Rose has many medical bills and has since flown to Philadelphia to begin her rehab. If you would like to make a contribution, there is a Go Fund Me page set up.

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