Fort Lauderdale – The City of Fort Lauderdale has issue another scam warning this week. The city has received reports of a phone scam. An individual named Alex Davis will call you claiming to work for the city of Fort Lauderdale, and most often claim they are from the building department, or compliance board.

At this time the individual will ask for payment over the phone saying that you owe or are behind in what you owe. The public should be advised, these calls are not legitimate.

The scam uses software that makes the caller ID look like the call is from a legitimate source. The reported phone calls occurred Friday, Sept. 2, from the following numbers:

  • 954-828-6520
  • +244-954-828-6520

Scam Alert Fort Lauderdale

The City of Fort Lauderdale reminds the public to follow these tips with unknown or suspicious calls:

  • Hang up immediately if someone claiming to represent the City of Fort Lauderdale demands payment over the phone. 
  • Don’t give the caller your name or any other identifying information.
  • If the caller tells you they may have dialed a wrong number and asks what your number is, don’t give it to them. Instead, ask what number he intended to dial.
  • When you answer your telephone, if no one responds to your greeting, hang up immediately.
  • When in doubt, ask the person for their name and a number where you can return the call. Citizens can also contact law enforcement when in doubt.

For more information or questions:

City of Fort Lauderdale 24-Hour Customer Service Center 
(954) 828-8000 or [email protected]  

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