Suspected property thief, Tyrone Cornelius Jones is arrested in Fort Lauderdale

It all started in August of 2021, Tyrone Cornelius Jones walked into a Fort Lauderdale apartment complex. He targeted it because it was for sale. Documents show that he used fraudulent paperwork to get access to the property.

At this point, Jones approached the security employees of the property and presented them with a fraudulent copy certificate title, a fraudulent receipt, and a fraudulent quitclaim deed for the property.

Tyrone Cornelius Jones arrested in Fort Lauderdale for property fraud

On August 24th, Tyrone Cornelius Jones, and his crew of three thugs, proceeded to break into the property. The property owner came home during the break-in. Jones was caught red-handed but documents show that he was released the same night after committing the robbery of the property.

He was eventually charged for the event in January, however he continued his criminal enterprise after being released.

In the most recent event that lead to the arrest, Tyrone Cornelius in a similar scheme hijacked the title of a property on Seabreeze drive.

Jones allegedly created a fictitious person to become executor of the estate on this Seabreeze Blvd. property in Fort Lauderdale worth more than a million dollars.  

Investigators believe he spearheads a group fraudulently trying to acquire 11 properties in Broward County worth more than nine million dollars.  

Currently, concerning the 11 properties in question, Jones has only been charged on three counts on the Seabreeze Blvd. home, including Grand Theft in the first degree.

Tyrone Cornelius Jones fake documents
Tyrone Cornelius Jones used fake documents to access properties across Fort Lauderdale

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