Planta Queen Restaurant now open in Fort Lauderdale on Las Olas

Planta Queen Restaurant, opened in early April 2022. Based out of Toronto, Canada – this vegan eatery boasts a huge 4,400 sq. ft space. Beautifully decorated, with a sprawling vegan / plant based menu – Planta is a wonderful spot for dinner or lunch.

Led by Founder and CEO Steven Salm and Co-founder and Executive Chef David Lee, PLANTA was born in 2016 to expand the accessibility and acceptability of plant based dining; dining as it should be — an unguilty pleasure. Creating a premier hospitality collective of 100% plant-based restaurants, PLANTA reimagines, reinvents, and revitalizes, providing flavorful proof that the power of plants can change the world.

*Source – Planta Queen, Fort Lauderdale

We believe in the power of plants to change the world. For our health, for the health of our communities, and for the health of our planet—plants are the key. In everything we do, we seek to understand, experiment with, and maximize the power of plants to nourish, inspire, and sustain. We strive to operate in a paperless and reduced-waste environment, eliminating paper cheques, printed materials, and one-time-use water bottles and coffee cups. 

Whenever possible, our menus reflect seasonality and available local produce to reduce the impact of long-haul transport. In climates that allow for it, such as Miami, we operate a rooftop garden at the restaurant, which supplies many fresh fruits and vegetables used in our dishes.

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