Young girl is mauled by a 60 pound dog in neighborhood park, Fort Lauderdale

5 year old girl mauled by dog
Photo courtesy of the family

A 5 year old girl is currently recovering after a 60 pound mixed breed dog, broke loose of its owner and mauled a 5 year old girl. According to police reports the incident happened at a park in Fort Lauderdale, in the playground area of Hortt Park, 1700 SW 14th Ct.

The girls father, Florian Alexander Becker, aged 47, told news reporters that the girl recieved several lacerations, to her face and head, requiring more than 50 stitches and staples. Even thought the girls swelling has begun to go down, its impossible yet to know the full extent of the girls injuries.

How the attack happened

60 pound mixed breed dog mauls child

According to the Fort Lauderdale Police, the girl was playing on the playground when a woman with a large brown dog, she was walking on a leash approached her and began talking to the girls mother, Amanda Ruth Chalfant.

Before they both realized it, the canine started attacking the little girl who was standing in close proximity. The woman tried to hold the dog back, however the collar broke leaving the dog to continue attacking the young girl. Multiple people struggled to pull the animal away and regain control of the situation.

So far police have not announced criminal charges against the dog owner, however the dog has been confiscated and will most likely be euthanized.

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